Disaster Preparedness

While we can’t stop a natural disaster from occurring, we can be more prepared in the case of an emergency.  Along with water and flashlights, you should also be prepared for your health care.

You should complete all readiness actions before conditions deteriorate too much.  Local authorities may or may not be able to provide information on what is happening and what you should do in an emergency. However, check the local TV or radio news for information or official instructions as they become available. If you're told to evacuate, seek shelter or medical treatment, do so immediately.       

Image of family planning evacuation route 

Be Prepared

Plan Ahead 
Place to Go 
Special Needs 

Image of preparing a home for a disaster 

As a Disaster Approaches

Preparing to Stay 
Preparing to Leave 
Plan for Your Pets 

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During the Disaster

Have the tools in place to make it on your own for a period of time.

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Be aware of possible hazards, but you may also need to evaluate your damages.

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Additional information and links to other useful resources.
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TRICARE After the Disaster

Continue to obtain the medical care you need despite disaster difficulties. See the waivers of PCM referrals listings.

Emergency Refills

April 30, 2014 — A State of Emergency is issued in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas due to tornadoes and severe weather.  Emergency refill procedures are in place across all three states through May 29, 2014. This waiver does not apply to referrals.
Last Update: July 24, 2014