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Image of a TRICARE South Provider shaking hands with a TRICARE South Beneficiary

Non-Network Provider Locator

Looking for a provider?

TRICARE beneficiaries should always check the Humana Military Network Provider Locator first to find TRICARE network providers. Benefits of using a network provider include:
  • Access to quality health care
  • Lower out-of-pocket cost-shares
  • Network Providers are required to file claims, some non-network providers do not file claims on behalf of beneficiaries.
Prime beneficiaries should use the Humana Military Network Provider Locator to locate primary care managers, specialty and other network provider services. Prime beneficiaries should be aware that choosing a non-network provider may incur Point of Service and higher out of pocket costs.
Search for a non-network provider 

Attention Disclaimer: Providers who have accepted TRICARE patients in the past may not accept TRICARE patients on a routine basis. Always contact providers to confirm that they currently accept new TRICARE patients. If a provider listing does not include a phone number, consult your local telephone directory. 
Created: March 01, 2013