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Health Maintenance and Safety

Patient Safety and Awareness

Humana Military is committed to improving healthcare and providing the most up-to-date patient safety information for our beneficiaries.  In order for us to make the most informed decisions about our healthcare it is important that we, as consumers, take a more active role in our medical care.
We can accomplish this goal by better communicating with our physician about our healthcare needs and expectations. Asking questions and educating ourselves about the facts surrounding our medical condition are excellent ways to improve our overall healthcare experience.

Consumer Safety and Awareness

Humana Military is dedicated to providing helpful consumer health and safety information for our beneficiaries and their families. As a consumer, you can take the first steps in promoting awareness by educating yourself about the hazards we face everyday, whether it be in your own home, outdoors, or on the road. Being aware of this important health and safety information will empower you with the tools needed to protect yourself and your family.
Keeping yourself emotionally and physically healthy will help you live a more rewarding and productive life. Good health involves more that just watching calories, exercising, and treating illness. Good health also requires maintaining a healthy balance between the stressors of work, home, and play.

The way we take care of ourselves affects us in many ways. Maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically fit, and taking steps to prevent disease are all ways we can take control of our health. Other ways to stay healthy include, not smoking, getting plenty of sleep, being safety conscious, drinking plenty of water, and learning to manage stress.

Below you will find important health and medical information to promote wellness, stay healthy, prevent disease, and manage your healthcare needs.

Alcoholism  Flu 
Having a Baby  Heart Health 
High Blood Pressure   

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Last Update: July 24, 2014