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Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)

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What is the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) Web Site

The BWE Web site allows eligible service members and their family members* to manage their enrollment in TRICARE Prime programs without visiting a TRICARE Service Center (TSC) or mailing a paper form**. BWE is linked to the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and allows simultaneous updates to personal contact information for both DEERS and TRICARE.
*BWE is not available to overseas beneficiaries.

What Can I Do Through BWE?

  • Enroll or disenroll eligible beneficiaries.
  • Make an initial credit card payment. (Ongoing payments,paid through electronic funds transfer or allotment, will be billed separately.)
  • Transfer your enrollment to a new location (portability).
  • Update your contact information.
  • Request a new primary care manager (PCM)**.
  • Convert your active duty enrollment to a retiree enrollment up to 90 days before retirement. (DEERS must reflect your retirement status.)
  • Add other health insurance information (when initially enrolling).
  • Request a new program enrollment card.
  • View your enrollment information.

How Can I Access BWE?

Accessing BWE is easy. Just log on to the TRICARE BWE Website with one of the following:
  • Valid Certified Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Defense Financial and Accounting Services (DFAS) myPay PIN
  • Family Member Account
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What Else Should I Know When Enrolling Online?

  • Be aware of the drive time before you select a PCM. If you choose a PCM that is more than 30 minutes from your home, you will be agreeing to waive TRICARE’s access to care standards.
  •  Keep a copy of your enrollment application and confirmation notice until you have received your program enrollment card or PCM change letter. If you must seek care before receiving your card, contact Humana Military to verify your TRICARE Prime program’s effective date and PCM assignment.
  •  Enrollment rules exist in certain areas that could affect your PCM selection. Revisions to your selection may be made at the time of processing by Humana Military.
  • Check BWE routinely to view your enrollment status. Enrollments and PCM changes will be held in a pending status until approved. Approval may take up to six calendar days. You may cancel any enrollment or PCM change entered through BWE within 48 hours of performing the transaction if it is still pending.
  • If you submit your enrollment form and correct fee payment online by the 20th of the month, program coverage is effective the first day of the next month. For example, if TRICARE receives an enrollment by April 20, your coverage begins May 1. If received after April 20, your coverage would begin on June 1.

For Information and Assistance

For technical assistance while using BWE, call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support office toll-free at 1-800-477-8227. For enrollment assistance, call Humana Military at 1-800-444-5445 or explore our Enrollment information.
** The online PCM change option is not available to ADSMs enrolled in TRICARE Prime. It is best for ADSMs to submit a paper-based change form to their regional contractor through the TSC. If you are a TPR ADSM, you may use BWE to request a change of your PCM. 
Last Update: February 13, 2014