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TRICARE has extended the dependent coverage for eligible beneficiaries under age 26. The TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program is a premium-based health care plan available for purchase by qualified dependents. TYA offers TRICARE Standard coverage worldwide. Effective December 1, 2011, TRICARE Prime is available based on sponsor's status. TYA includes medical and pharmacy benefits, but excludes dental coverage.

Who is eligible? Leaving Site
You may purchase TYA Standard/Extra coverage if you are all of the following:
  • A dependent of an eligible uniformed service sponsor*
  • Unmarried
  • At least age 21 (or age 23 if enrolled in a full-time course of study at an approved institution of higher learning and if the sponsor provides at least 50 percent of the financial support), but have not yet reached age 26
  • Not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan as defined in TYA regulations
  • Not otherwise eligible for TRICARE program coverage
*If you are an adult child of a non-activated member of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve or of the Retired Reserve, your sponsor must be enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve for you to be eligible to purchase TYA Standard coverage.

TYA Prime Eligibility

Eligibility rules for TYA Prime are exactly the same as TYA Standard except that young adults with
sponsors who are enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) or TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) do not qualify for TYA Prime.

Moving from TYA Standard to TYA Prime

A new TYA enrollment form must be completed when changing enrollment from TYA Standard to TYA Prime or back. If premium payments are current, it is not necessary to submit any additional fees with the new TYA enrollment form. NOTE: The next electronic funds transfer or recurring charge amount will be adjusted to accommodate the differences in fees between the two TYA programs.

Effective Dates of Coverage

Enrollment will be effective immediately following the termination of coverage under another TRICARE program or CHCBP, if enrolling no more than 30 days after the program termination. This will result in no lapse in coverage.

The 20th of the month rule1 will be used for those who have never been enrolled in any other TRICARE program or will have a lapse in coverage between another TRICARE program and TYA Prime (including a lapse between TYA Standard and TYA Prime).

What does it cost?

TRICARE Program 2013 Monthly Premium 2014 Monthly Premium
TRICARE Standard/Extra $152 $156
TRICARE Prime $176 $180

How do I enroll?

You may purchase TYA coverage at any time. The TRICARE Young Adult Application is available on the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) Web site. Complete the enrollment form online, select the plan you wish to enroll in, print, and deliver your completed application and initial premium payment to a TRICARE Service Center or mail it to Humana Military. When applying, you must verify that you are not married and not eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan.

After enrolling in TYA, you must wait to receive a welcome letter and enrollment card in the mail. Then you and your sponsor will need to visit a uniformed services identification (ID) card issuing facility to obtain an ID card for you. You must bring two forms of ID—one must be an unexpired government-issued ID card containing a picture. After your application and payment are received, TRICARE Standard coverage will begin the first day of the following month. TRICARE Prime coverage begins following the 20th of the month rule.

Note: If you are not already in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), your sponsor must add you to the system before starting the application process.

TRICARE Young Adult Application
This is to enroll in the TRICARE Prime or Standard/Extra benefit. Please do not select a primary care manager.

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1 Under the "20th of the month rule," applications for benefits received by Humana Military by the 20th of the month will become effective at the beginning of the following month (e.g., an enrollment received by December 20 would become effective January 1). If your application is received after the 20th of the month, coverage will become effective on the first day of the month following the next month (e.g., an enrollment received on December 27 would become effective February 1).

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Last Update: September 09, 2013