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TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) is a premium-based health plan that qualified Retired Reserve members and survivors may purchase. TRR offers coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and Extra.
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Retired National Guard and Reserve personnel may qualify to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage if they are:
  • members of the Retired Reserve of a Reserve component of the armed forces and,
  • under the age of 60 and,
  • not eligible for, or enrolled in, the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program.
TRR is only available when you are not eligible for any other non-premium-based TRICARE health coverage. Qualified members may purchase Member-Only or Member-and-Family coverage.

Member Only
$402.11 per mo.
$390.99 per mo.
Member and Family
$969.10 per mo.
$956.65 per mo.
How do I enroll? 
If enrolling through the TRR web portal, log on and follow the prompts for completing the TRR enrollment request.  Print the TRR Request form (DD Form 2896-1), sign it, and send it to Humana Military along with the first two month's premium payment within the specified deadline to begin coverage.  Initial premiums can be paid by check, money order or cashier's check (payable to Humana Military), or by Visa®/MasterCard®.

If you are disenrolled for failure to pay or voluntarily terminate coverage, there is a one-year purchase lock-out. Disenrollments for loss of eligibility do not result in lock out  and any excess fees paid for periods following the loss of eligibility will be refunded.
Qualifying Life Events
There are qualifying life events (QLE) such as a birth, marriage or divorce which allow TRR family members to enroll with an effective date of the QLE as long as the enrollment request is received within 60 days of the event.
Reaching age 60
When you become eligible for TRICARE Prime/Standard/Extra at age 60, the TRR coverage is automatically terminated and you must submit a Prime enrollment form in order to enroll in Prime. Transitioning from TRR to TRICARE Prime may result in a break in coverage - the 20th of the month rule applies to the submission of the Prime enrollment form.
How do I pay my fees electronically? 
Effective January 1, 2013, direct billing will no longer be an option. All accounts must select an automated monthly deduction through either EFT or automatic cred/debit card withdrawal.

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Last Update: August 26, 2013