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TRICARE Prime is a managed care option offering the most affordable and comprehensive coverage. TRICARE Prime is available in areas near military treatment facilities and where Humana Military has established TRICARE Prime networks.

  • You must enroll in TRICARE Prime.
  • There are no enrollment fees for ADSMs and their families, but all other enrollees must pay an annual fee. 
  • TRICARE Prime features fewer out-of-pocket costs than other options.
  • Includes enhanced coverage of clinical preventive services and vision.
  • Beneficiaries recieve priority access for care at MTFs.
  • Enrollees have an assigned Primary Care Manager (PCM).
  • The Point-Of-Service (POS) option is available to receive care without a PCM referral, but can result in higher out-of-pocket costs.
  • Emergent/urgent care rules apply.
Effective April 1, 2012, checks are accepted for initial Prime enrollment fees only. Recurring fee payments for TRICARE Prime will only be accepted by credit card or a monthly, automated deduction. This will eliminate the need for you to complete an online fee payment, however, please remember to include this deduction in your financial accounting process such as your checking account register.



Member Only

$269.28 per yr.

$273.84 per yr.

Member and Family

$538.56 per yr.

$547.68 per yr.

How do I enroll? 
Beginning October 1, 2013, TRICARE Prime will no longer be available to beneficiaries living in certain areas. Prime Service Areas (PSAs) — geographic areas where TRICARE Prime is offered — are being realigned, and some PSAs are being eliminated as a result.    Read TRICARE's announcement. Leaving Site

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Last Update: July 31, 2014