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Choosing a Primary Care Manager (PCM)

If you choose to enroll in TRICARE Prime, please consider the following information that will help you select your Primary Care Manager (PCM), a provider of care who will manage your health care needs.  Please keep in mind that the assignment of your PCM is governed by the availability of your choice and by the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) Commander’s policy in your catchment area.
  1. If you live within a 30 minute drive of an MTF that has available capacity, you must choose an MTF PCM.  Please indicate a first and second choice when completing your TRICARE Prime Enrollment Form.  Every attempt will be made to honor your first choice.
  2. If you live beyond a 30 minute drive of an MTF, you may choose either an MTF or a civilian PCM.  Enrollment to an MTF is dependent upon current capacity levels and Commander restrictions within the MTF.
  3. If you do not select a PCM on the Prime enrollment form, an MTF or civilian PCM will be assigned to you depending upon your travel distance from the MTF.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of TRICARE Prime enrollment, attend a TRICARE briefing, and review the providers on the Provider Locator. Details about your MTF’s operating procedures and available specialties can be found on your MTF’s web site.  You can access MTF web sites by viewing the detailed list of MTF home pages.

You may change your PCM at any time provided the new PCM is accepting new patients and your request complies with the local MTF guidelines.  Once you have selected a new PCM from the Provider Locator, complete a TRICARE Prime Enrollment and PCM Change Form with the new PCM's name and address.

Last Reviewed: June 05, 2012